hackathon judges



Neil Mansilla

Director of Developer Platform & Partnerships, Mashery

Neil Mansilla (@mansillaDEV) is the Director of Developer Platform & Partnerships for Mashery. He is a passionate software engineer and is responsible for helping developers discover, learn and utilize the APIs on the Mashery API network. He's also a renowned chicken pot pie expert.

Erik Suhonen

Head of Yahoo! Developer Network, Yahoo!

Erik is responsible for managing a vibrant, global ecosystem of 600,000+ technology companies who engage with Yahoo!'s 30+ platforms. He's also passionate about golf, and is working hard on bringing his handicap down to 40.

Jesse Givens

Head of Product for CarePass, Aetna

Jesse Givens is Head of Product for Aetna’s Carepass platform. With CarePass, Aetna offers all consumers a solution to achieve their unique wellness goals by connecting to top mobile apps. The goal is simple - make living a healthy life more achievable for everyone. Outside of the office, he is a fitness enthusiast, artist, fly fisherman, and self-professed gadget geek.

Tom Clancy

Managing member, TAO Venture Capital Partners

Thomas N. Clancy has served on our Board of Directors since November 2002. Mr. Clancy has been a managing member at TAO Venture Capital Partners, a venture capital fund focused on early stage investments, since October 2005. From January 1998 to September 2005, Mr. Clancy served as managing director of Enterprise Partners Venture Capital, leading its Internet, consumer, and software investment practices. Mr. Clancy serves on the board of a number of private companies, is a board member and past president of the San Diego Venture Group and previously served as a director of Stamps.com (STMP).

Mark Roebke

Director of Product Innovation, ACTIVE Network

Mark Roebke is the Director of Product Innovation for ACTIVE Network. Mark is passionate about inspiring creativity and delivering authentic innovation. He is constantly evaluating new technologies that can deliver innovative and valuable solutions to ACTIVE customers. In addition, he is responsible for ACTIVE Next, an internal innovation program for ACTIVE employees. When not chasing down "what's next", Mark can be found on his mountain bike.

Hackathon Coaches & Support

Jarred Doss

Product Manager & Developer Evangelist, ACTIVE Network

Jarred Doss leads the ACTIVE Access program for ACTIVE Network and connects directly with the developer community to make sure ACTIVE continues to deliver on the real needs of the market. He is passionate about innovation and finding new ways of combining existing technologies and data sets to create useful applications to solve today's problems.

Jarred will be the main support contact for the ACTIVE Network APIs available during the hackathon; he will be on site to assist, answer questions, and help connect individuals with other teams to make the most of the hackathon.

Cheston Contaoi

President of Driveframe LLC

Cheston Contaoi is a mobile app developer having won numerous Hackathons sponsored by AT&T, Salesforce, Microsoft & BlackBerry. He is President of Driveframe LLC, which specializes in building custom mobile apps for clients and consults in the areas of app marketing and app submission to stores. Cheston is passionate about innovation, enjoys learning new technologies, and plays the forward position in soccer.

Cheston will be onsite at the hackathon to help teams strategize, polish their applications and presentations, and support questions about how to succeed at the hackathon.