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APIs & Data

These ACTIVE Network APIs have been made available for use during the HACKTIVE hackathon event. Check out the sponsors section to see what other APIs are available. You can also use any other publically available API or data set (e.g. Mashery API Network, Aetna Carepass APIs, etc).





ACTIVE Network 

Activity Seach API v2

The V2 Activity Search API processes simple HTTP GET requests.  The results are returned in JSON.  This API supports keyword search against ACTIVE.com assets, result restriction to a particular location, result filtering based on asset metadata, and a variety of other parameters.

Data available: Endurance, Team Sports, Youth Camps, Tennis Leagues, Parks & Recreation activities, Fitness, Classes, Outdoor Adventure, Business Events.



Check out the ACTIVE Network Activity Search v2 API here:


GitHub Repo:



ACTIVE Network 

Campgrounds API

The Campground APIs, backed by Reserve America's database, provide access to campground data for 97% of the US and Canada's national and state/provincial parks.  With it, developers can search for campgrounds that meet specified criteria. For example, they can search for available campgrounds with horse sites in the state of California, or campgrounds in Maine that allow pets.

This API features two concepts, campground and campsite.  Campgrounds are generally situated inside state or national parks and consist of one or more campsites. 



Check out the ACTIVE Network Campgrounds API documentation here:


Mashery Network APIs

Sign In and discover new APIs from our open data commons of RESTful APIs or contributed from our open source I/O Docs GitHub Project. API Explorer is a nifty blend of, "Let's get this party started!" and, "Slow down son, let's understand how this works."



Explore the Mashery Network APIs here:


GitHub Repo:


Yahoo Developer Network

Yahoo! Developer Network offers a host of solutions for developers, publishers and advertisers to integrate engaging and delightful experiences quickly into their offerings. Yahoo! is focused on making the world's daily habits inspiring and entertaining. By creating highly personalized experiences for our users, we keep people connected to what matters most to them, across devices and around the world. In turn, we create value for advertisers by connecting them with the audiences that build their businesses. 


Discover APIs in the Yahoo Developer Network here:


GitHub Repo:

https://github.com/ydn ,  https://github.com/yahoo

Aetna Carepass APIs

The CarePass Developer portal offers unique and powerful APIs from Aetna, HHS, and other innovators in the health and wellness community, plus all of the support you’ll need to work with these APIs. Check out our APIs and then register…it's free! 



Access Aetna Carepass APIs here:


Metawatch Developer center

Meta Watch is a developer-friendly smartwatch used to heighten user engagement and drive app usage. Meta Watch, when paired with iOS (4S) or Android-based smart phones, enable new kinds of glanceable interactions. In the same way that glancing at a wristwatch is more simple than pulling out a pocket watch to check the time, glancing at Meta Watch is more convenient than pulling your phone out of a pocket or handbag to view alerts, notifications, and cloud-based information.

Build something awesome using MetaWatch datasets here:


GitHub Repo:


App/Hack Ideas

Join in the discussion and share ideas around hacks and apps. Use the forum to connect with others and find people that may be interested in the same idea to form a team.


Once you've connected in the forum, you can list your ideas on the spreadsheet and form your team. Be sure that everyone on the team registers, it's part of the rules.