What is a Hackathon? It's an exciting, fast-paced, stimulating event where you turn a cool idea into something real in only 24 hours! It's like a marathon workshop for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs! It's also about meeting and getting to know cool people in the local community while doing something fun!

Be a part of the incredible innovation taking place over the September 21st-22nd weekend... possibly save a few lives in the process.

Dev Challenge

Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and premature death? ACTIVE Network is challenging developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to innovate new ways of using technology to connect people with activities and make the world a healthier place; potentially saving the lives of thousands of people.


September 21-22, 2013


330 A Street

San Diego, CA

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Co-Merge Hackathon Hacktive



Neil Mansilla

Director of Developer Platform & Partnerships, Mashery

Erik Suhonen

Head of Yahoo! Developer Network, Yahoo!

Jesse Givens

Head of Product for CarePass, Aetna

Tom Clancy

Managing member, TAO Venture Capital Partners

Mark Roebke

Director of Product Innovation, ACTIVE Network


1st - $5000
2nd - $1000
3rd - $500
Internship Opportunities


Why do this?

Physical inactivity is estimated to be responsible for over 200,000 deaths in America each year. It's no secret that obesity and exercise are major concerns in America (just take a minute to check out the PHIT America Movement). This is your chance to help make a difference, flex your skills, and even win some prizes. ACTIVE Network is passionate about helping to connect people with a healthly lifestyle and needs your help to innovate new ways to make an impact. If you have a cool new idea about how to get people off the couch and burning calories, we invite you to join us for the funnest hackathon in San Diego, CA.

What can I accomplish in 24 hours?

Surprise us, maybe even surprise yourself! While the sky is the limit, we recommend keeping the scope reasonable. Something simple and working is better than a complex idea that doesn’t run.

What do I need to bring?

We provide food, facilities, power, and drinks. You provide the technology, great ideas, and the collective team expertise needed to build something great!


Use ACTIVE Network APIs to get access to our activity data, uniquely curated directly from the organizers themselves – providing the most up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive activity directory available. The judges will award points based on what they think of your interpretation of the challenge and integration of ACTIVE Network data.