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ACTIVE Network Announces HACKTIVE - Hackathon event, 9/21-9/22

Today we announced HACKTIVE, a 24-hour hackathon that will take place at Co-Merge in San Diego, California September 21-22nd.

HACKTIVE, will be an interactive and engaging way for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to think about APIs in innovative new ways. Traditionally an employee only event, this year we’re making it open to the public. Along with U.S. based ACTIVE employees, we’re inviting U.S. based developers and designers of every skill level to get creative, hack and mashup ACTIVE APIs with other datasets, and compete for cash prizes.

The Details:

Who:                     College students, professional designers, and developers born to code, fueled by caffeine, and driven to innovate! You can register as individuals or in teams of up to four.

What:                   HACKTIVE is designed to bring together developers and designers to collaborate and build new software based on ACTIVE’s open data platform via APIs. Available APIs include: the Activity Search API v2, to build applications to distribute events and activities from the ACTIVE.com database; and Campground API, to build applications to promote and distribute campgrounds from the ReserveAmerica.com database.

When:                  Open Registration: August 12

                              Close Registration: September 20

                              Event: Saturday, September 21 – Sunday, September 22

Where:                Co-Merge

                              330 A Street

                              San Diego, CA 92101

Why:                     Create new ways to connect people with activities and promote a healthy lifestyle

                              Win cash prizes: First Place - $5,000; Second Place - $1,000; Third Place - $500, plus extra prizes like MetaWatch Strata watches and Jawbone UP personal fitness devices

For more information on HACKTIVE rules, ACTIVE APIs or to register, visit: developer.active.com/hackathon_2013. If you have questions, contact Jon Christopher or Jarred Doss.

New API Available - Activity Search API v2

ACTIVE Network is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the new Activity Search API v2. We’ve been busy preparing the new ACTIVE Access developer portal with updated documentation, interactive I/O docs, a forum for developers to ask questions, identify bugs, and make API requests.

The launch of this new Activity Search API v2 will unlock loads of data and flexibility for app developers. The Activity Search API v2 gives developers easy access to ACTIVE’s broad array of activity data. The Activity Search API v2 processes simple HTTP GET requests and returns results in JSON.  The API supports keyword search against ACTIVE assets, result restriction to a particular location, and result filtering based on asset metadata. All activity registrations are completed online at ACTIVE.com. The reason this is so exciting is because we’ve also been working tirelessly to standardize our events and activities data across the company.

What Does That Mean To You?

We take event and activity data of any quality and completeness and utilize machine learning algorithms and text mining techniques to assess, clean, classify, and vastly improve the quality of the data to a form suitable for feeding into the comprehensive list of world-wide events and activities offered through Active.com.  The system also ensures proper naming, categorizing, and search optimization of each event, while breaking the data down into independent sub-components, each of which can be enhanced and accessed separately. Subsequent re-submissions of these events are detected upon ingestion, de-duplicated, and smartly re-assigned the prior final changes depending on what data is new for even faster time-to-live improved data on update. No longer will you need to remove duplicate events or create special “workarounds” to pull the correct data. Basically, there will be even more events in the database and you can find the events that you are looking for more easily via the Activity Search API v2.

Enhancements Galore

To summarize, these are the new enhancements coming to the Activity Search API v2:

  • Additional Events Available – All new events submitted to our database will be available through the Activity Search API v2. The existing Activity API (v1) will slowly receive fewer updates and less event volume. If you’re just starting to build your app, then make sure you’re building with the Activity Search API v2.
  • REST Service – Supports JSON results returned by the API.
  • Expanded Data Set – Eliminates need for the Activity Details API making for a simpler integration.
  • Extra Classifications and tags – assets allow for more refined search capability using new parameters.
  • Combined schema – services all activity types (e.g. Camps, Classes, Races, Events)
  • Standardized Attributes – Distance, Age Group, etc.
  • Independent Asset Types – Place and Organization entities can be referenced independently of other Asset types (e.g. search by Place/Venue, Organizer)
  • Improved geo-location – Much improved latitude/longitude values to aid in location-based searches.

Still Reading? Start Hacking!

With any API, we’d like to prevent abuse, allocate and scale resources more efficiently, and potentially offer custom endpoints of the Activity Search API v2 in the future. We therefore highly encourage you to register as soon as possible to create your developer account and start using API keys. Registration is free. Here is a quick start guide to the developer portal and to help you build your application using a Activity Search API v2 key:

Register http://developer.active.com/member/register

Documentation — http://developer.active.com/docs/read/v2_Activity_API_Search

Interactive IO Docshttp://developer.active.com/io-docs

Developer Forumhttp://developer.active.com/forum

We value our developer community and have thought about this API launch carefully. If you have any feedback, please comment it in the forum and we’ll keep the discussion going there.

Golf Tee Times API Service Temporarily Suspended

Dear ACTIVE Network affiliates and partners

As of approximately 3:00 pm Pacific Daylight time on July 18th, 2013, we will be suspending service to the Golf Tee Time API. What does this mean?

  • - No new API keys will be issused at this time.
  • - The Golf Tee Times API will no longer return results
  • - You will likely see an error when making API calls to this API: "596 Service Not Found"

Intermittent issues related to the Golf Tee Times API were reported on July 11th, 2013. We will continue to monitor the health of the systems and continue the problem management investigation – more details may be forthcoming.  We will notify you once the Golf Tee Times API is back online. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused you or your customers/users/developers. We take these issues seriously and will take corrective actions. 

Should you have any further inquires, feedback, or issues related to this incident, or for non-emergency inquiries please feel free to email support-affiliate@activenetwork.com.

ACTIVE Network

Windows 8 App Mashup To Feature ACTIVE API

On June 5th, Mashery's own Amit Jotwani will be part of a Microsoft event showcasing the ACTIVE API for Windows 8 app development! The event, titled "Windows 8 App Mashup: Exploring the Mashery APIs," includes four app mashup webcasts designed to walk students, hobbyists, and professional developers through the basics of Windows 8 app development as well as publishing apps to the store.  Led by Microsoft Technical Evangelists, the workshops feature starter kits based on APIs from Yelp, Stackoverflow, Mashery, Facebook, Twitter and Meetup.

So, if you’re someone who likes working on a Windows platform, it’s your lucky day.  If not, these wrappers offer a simple solution for developers that don’t want to necessarily build for Windows as they make it easier to integrate ACTIVE’s API into Windows 8 apps, bringing events and activities to a wider audience. Also, be sure to check out the “Keep the Cash Rewards” offer on the registration page, and learn how to score $100 for every qualified app you submit!

Register for the event here.

Content source: https://msevents.microsoft.com
Image source: www.theverge.com

TomTom Announces the Launch of its GPS Sport Watches

It’s often said it’s all about the journey, not the destination. For endurance sports enthusiasts, it’s all about tracking the journey. From route traveled and steps taken to sweat beads shed– they want to know, and in the quickest, most convenient, and coolest way possible. So, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are turning their attention toward developing the next big thing in fitness-tracking technology.

TomTom, the world’s leading supplier of location and navigation products and services, will soon be wrapping wrists with its latest innovation in GPS sports watches. Having teamed up with Nike back in 2011 for the Nike+ SportWatch, TomTom is stepping back into the fitness tech space with its own take on the rapidly growing trend of wearable gadgets.

Scheduled to launch this summer, the Runner and Multi-Sport watches will offer endurance athletes the ability to track workouts, collect route data, access a variety of training modes, and sync their data with online communities like RunKeeper or MyFitnessPal. Despite its oversized screen, the Runner and Multi-Sport will be some of the sleekest GPS sports watches on the market. Among other impressive features like its Gorilla glass display, GPS antenna, and top-of-the-line accelerometer, the watch is built to sustain watery depths of up to 50 meters.

While the hardware is the same on both, the devices differ in the software and accessories available. The Runner includes programs particular to running, while the Multi-Sport offers additional metrics for tracking swimming and cycling performance. A Bluetooth connection enhances the watch’s functionality by helping it “to position itself faster when paired with a smartphone running a companion app by making use of the phone's location and network data to speed up GPS acquisition.” In addition to improving the GPS feature, users can utilize their Bluetooth connection “to communicate with a variety of accessories, including heart-rate monitors and bicycle speed and cadence sensors.” More details on pricing and availability will become available as the summer launch approaches.

Do you have a topic you’d like to hear more about? Leave us a comment below or visit the Forum to get in on the discussion.

Source: Antuan Goodwin, www.cnet.com

Boston, Our Thoughts Are With You (Guest Post)

Guest post submitted by Shannon Fiack, Senior Content Manager for ACTIVE Network’s Sports Division. You can follow her weekly on the ACTIVE Network Endurance Blog.

In the wake of Monday’s tragedy at The Boston Marathon, we wanted to send a message of solidarity and support to the running community and all Bostonians. We are humbled by the strength of spirit shown by the organizers of the marathon, the runners participating in it, the first responders, and the thousands of spectators involved. We are so incredibly proud to be part of the endurance community and we’ll do everything we can to support it.

Ways You Can Help

Donate – here are three worthy organizations to provide your support:

American Red Cross – The Boston One Fund
The Salvation Army
Boston’s Children’s Hospital

Wear a race shirt:

Walking around our office and our city streets, we see people wearing race shirts to honor those involved in the attack. Something so simple is a powerful way to show our solidarity.


Run/walk events are being organized across the country to bring people together. Find one in your local community and be part of it.

Boston, our thoughts are with you.

Image Source: Rick Gray / GrayCreative.net

Thank you partners for making Active access a success

Mashery recently shined their customer spotlight on ACTIVE.com for implementing a successful API program. Since aligning with Mashery and its arsenal of services and support, ACTIVE has been able to “expand the functionality of our API, as well as leverage connections with the developer community to drive usage and adoption.” After launching our open data ACTIVE Access platform, we’ve seen continuous, incremental month-over-month growth for both the company and our partners. Our relationship with our developer community has been integral to the program’s success. With that said, we wanted to take a moment and share some wins as well as gratitude with our developers who’ve made it all possible by integrating with our APIs.

Here are a few callouts:

  • Since January 2011, ACTIVE.com has had more than 5.1 million visits generated by our API, amounting to 130% year-over-year growth.
  • We’ve seen 250% year-over-year growth in the number of transactions originating from our API.
  • Top tier partners had incremental growth of 5 to 10% month-over-month throughout 2012.

We look forward to reaching new heights in 2013 as we explore ways to expand the program, empower our partners, and further our mission of providing access to activities anywhere.

To read the full story, visit http://www.mashery.com/case-studies/activecom.

Do you have any success stories to share? Tell us in the comments below!

Content Source: Mashery.com

ACTIVE API Used to Demo Mobile App Integration with StackMob

The ACTIVE.com API was recently featured in a tutorial that outlines its ease of integration with StackMob, a leading provider of backend services for mobile developers. StackMob offers simple solutions to many of the challenges mobile developers face in building apps and growing their mobile business. In the tutorial, Sidney Maestre, a Platform Evangelist for StackMob, highlights how to build an enhanced user experience without deploying an army of servers or writing a ton of code. The guinea pig of choice - the ACTIVE.com demo app, built by Mashery Platforms Evangelist, Neil Mansilla.

The ACTIVE.com demo app uses the Activity Search API to generate results in a user’s zip code, which are then presented to the user on a map. In one of the fastest growing industries in the world, a quality user experience is key. This is where MBaaS (mobile backend as a service) providers like StackMob step in.

By integrating with the StackMob public API, developers can “add backend services like data storage, social integration and push notifications without writing a lot of server-side code.”  With the ACTIVE.com demo app, StackMob enabled the implementation of features like “user management and authentication, data storage and access control levels.” Now, instead of simply generating results, users can view activity details and add and store them as favorites. Favorites are then linked to specific users by the addition of a signup/login form.

To check out the entire tutorial and for directions on how to get the ACTIVE.com demo code, click here.

Have you had any experience working with StackMob or another MBaaS provider? Share it below!

Content source: Sidney Maestre, Guest Post on Mashery Developer Blog
Image Source: www.d3solutions.com & http://masherydev.tumblr.com

3 Reasons to Love the New ACTIVE Widgets

Change – some fear it, others embrace it, and many don’t even realize it’s happened. You might fall into that last category if this is the first you’re hearing of ACTIVE’s branding update. Over the last few months, ACTIVE has taken on a new and improved look, and this includes all of our widgets. Here are three reasons why this change benefits you:

1.) New Branding: Yes, the new widgets have “had some work done,” but not in a scary Real Housewives of Beverly Hills way. They’ve been carefully crafted to follow ACTIVE’s rebranding requirements, helping you to connect people with things they love, want, and need to do…and look good doing it.

2.) Friendlier User Experience: The newly redesigned widgets represent a much smoother and more intuitive search experience. The most noticeable change is that all of the dropdowns have been moved from the bottom to the top, with the exception of the Search widget which has an entirely new look and feel.

3.) Enhanced Affiliate Tracking: If you have the widget on multiple pages of your site, the new SubID feature allows you to identify which webpage the click or transaction originated from. To utilize, simply add a “Placement ID” on the bottom of the widget customization page (i.e. Placement ID=homepage; Placement ID=Races-page).































Then, check to see how each widget is performing by logging in to the Affiliate Center and clicking on the Sub ID Breakout Report under the Results tab.

















Ok, that was our part. Here’s yours:

Return to the ACTIVE Access website to grab the new code from the widget creator: http://developer.active.com/Widgets. The existing widgets will still remain effective, but must be replaced with the new code no later than May 8th. If you do not return to get the new code before then, the widget will automatically update with new branding which may not match your website/application.


Contact us at: support-affiliate@ACTIVEnetwork.com or leave a comment below!

New Apps From the Fellowship One API Developer Community

If you are a developer looking for ways to integrate with Fellowship One, stop by the ACTIVE Access App Gallery to check out what some third-party vendors have built using the Fellowship One RESTful API. The gallery features images of the app in action, a short description on what it does, as well as links to learn more. You’ll find everything from event ticketing and member management solutions to mobile-based tithing tools for iOs and Android.

So, how can you start hacking the Fellowship One API?

Visit the Fellowship One Developer Portal to apply for your API key. Once you receive your key, dig right in to Fellowship One’s sandbox environment where you’ll be able to build and test out your code. After development is complete, submit your code for review. Upon approval, the app will be released into a live production environment where customers can begin using it.

Want to know more about Fellowship One?

Click here to read up on how their church management software systems allow churches of all sizes to be more effective in ministry, more efficient in administration, and more engaged with their communities.

Feeling Inspired? Visit the Fellowship One Developer Portal to apply for your API key!

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