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ACTIVE API Used to Demo Mobile App Integration with StackMob

The ACTIVE.com API was recently featured in a tutorial that outlines its ease of integration with StackMob, a leading provider of backend services for mobile developers. StackMob offers simple solutions to many of the challenges mobile developers face in building apps and growing their mobile business. In the tutorial, Sidney Maestre, a Platform Evangelist for StackMob, highlights how to build an enhanced user experience without deploying an army of servers or writing a ton of code. The guinea pig of choice - the ACTIVE.com demo app, built by Mashery Platforms Evangelist, Neil Mansilla.

The ACTIVE.com demo app uses the Activity Search API to generate results in a user’s zip code, which are then presented to the user on a map. In one of the fastest growing industries in the world, a quality user experience is key. This is where MBaaS (mobile backend as a service) providers like StackMob step in.

By integrating with the StackMob public API, developers can “add backend services like data storage, social integration and push notifications without writing a lot of server-side code.”  With the ACTIVE.com demo app, StackMob enabled the implementation of features like “user management and authentication, data storage and access control levels.” Now, instead of simply generating results, users can view activity details and add and store them as favorites. Favorites are then linked to specific users by the addition of a signup/login form.

To check out the entire tutorial and for directions on how to get the ACTIVE.com demo code, click here.

Have you had any experience working with StackMob or another MBaaS provider? Share it below!

Content source: Sidney Maestre, Guest Post on Mashery Developer Blog
Image Source: www.d3solutions.com & http://masherydev.tumblr.com