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ACTIVE Network API Developer Blog

New Apps From the Fellowship One API Developer Community

If you are a developer looking for ways to integrate with Fellowship One, stop by the ACTIVE Access App Gallery to check out what some third-party vendors have built using the Fellowship One RESTful API. The gallery features images of the app in action, a short description on what it does, as well as links to learn more. You’ll find everything from event ticketing and member management solutions to mobile-based tithing tools for iOs and Android.

So, how can you start hacking the Fellowship One API?

Visit the Fellowship One Developer Portal to apply for your API key. Once you receive your key, dig right in to Fellowship One’s sandbox environment where you’ll be able to build and test out your code. After development is complete, submit your code for review. Upon approval, the app will be released into a live production environment where customers can begin using it.

Want to know more about Fellowship One?

Click here to read up on how their church management software systems allow churches of all sizes to be more effective in ministry, more efficient in administration, and more engaged with their communities.

Feeling Inspired? Visit the Fellowship One Developer Portal to apply for your API key!