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Boston, Our Thoughts Are With You (Guest Post)

Guest post submitted by Shannon Fiack, Senior Content Manager for ACTIVE Network’s Sports Division. You can follow her weekly on the ACTIVE Network Endurance Blog.

In the wake of Monday’s tragedy at The Boston Marathon, we wanted to send a message of solidarity and support to the running community and all Bostonians. We are humbled by the strength of spirit shown by the organizers of the marathon, the runners participating in it, the first responders, and the thousands of spectators involved. We are so incredibly proud to be part of the endurance community and we’ll do everything we can to support it.

Ways You Can Help

Donate – here are three worthy organizations to provide your support:

American Red Cross – The Boston One Fund
The Salvation Army
Boston’s Children’s Hospital

Wear a race shirt:

Walking around our office and our city streets, we see people wearing race shirts to honor those involved in the attack. Something so simple is a powerful way to show our solidarity.


Run/walk events are being organized across the country to bring people together. Find one in your local community and be part of it.

Boston, our thoughts are with you.

Image Source: Rick Gray / GrayCreative.net