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ACTIVE Network API Developer Blog

3 Reasons to Love the New ACTIVE Widgets

Change – some fear it, others embrace it, and many don’t even realize it’s happened. You might fall into that last category if this is the first you’re hearing of ACTIVE’s branding update. Over the last few months, ACTIVE has taken on a new and improved look, and this includes all of our widgets. Here are three reasons why this change benefits you:

1.) New Branding: Yes, the new widgets have “had some work done,” but not in a scary Real Housewives of Beverly Hills way. They’ve been carefully crafted to follow ACTIVE’s rebranding requirements, helping you to connect people with things they love, want, and need to do…and look good doing it.

2.) Friendlier User Experience: The newly redesigned widgets represent a much smoother and more intuitive search experience. The most noticeable change is that all of the dropdowns have been moved from the bottom to the top, with the exception of the Search widget which has an entirely new look and feel.

3.) Enhanced Affiliate Tracking: If you have the widget on multiple pages of your site, the new SubID feature allows you to identify which webpage the click or transaction originated from. To utilize, simply add a “Placement ID” on the bottom of the widget customization page (i.e. Placement ID=homepage; Placement ID=Races-page).































Then, check to see how each widget is performing by logging in to the Affiliate Center and clicking on the Sub ID Breakout Report under the Results tab.

















Ok, that was our part. Here’s yours:

Return to the ACTIVE Access website to grab the new code from the widget creator: http://developer.active.com/Widgets. The existing widgets will still remain effective, but must be replaced with the new code no later than May 8th. If you do not return to get the new code before then, the widget will automatically update with new branding which may not match your website/application.


Contact us at: support-affiliate@ACTIVEnetwork.com or leave a comment below!