Campsite Search API


Campgrounds:  US and Canada's national and state/provincial parks, campgrounds, and campsites.


Request Limits

Campgrounds API Key  APPLY FOR A KEY

·        Active - Upon registration

·        Throttle Rate - 2 calls per second

·        Quota Limit – 5,000 calls per day


The Campsite Search API is designed to return information about campsites within a given campground that match a set of filters like ammenities (RV friendly, electricity, hunting, fishing).

URL:{queryString params}&api_key={key}
Method: GET

Sample Request - returns data about all campsites in Mueller State Park, Colorado:

Sample Response

  <result Loop="CONIFER RIDGE" Maxeqplen="31" Maxpeople="6" Site="MUSTCORI024" 
    SiteId="1582" SiteType="&lt;= 40 FT. ELECTRIC - PREMIUM" 
    sitesWithAmps="30" sitesWithPetsAllowed="N" sitesWithSewerHookup="N" 
    sitesWithWaterHookup="N" sitesWithWaterfront=""/>
  <result Loop="CONIFER RIDGE" Maxeqplen="35" Maxpeople="6" Site="MUSTCORI025" 
    SiteId="1583" SiteType="&lt;= 40 FT. ELECTRIC - PREMIUM" 
    sitesWithAmps="30" sitesWithPetsAllowed="N" sitesWithSewerHookup="N" 
    sitesWithWaterHookup="N" sitesWithWaterfront=""/>
  <result Loop="CONIFER RIDGE" Maxeqplen="38" Maxpeople="6" Site="MUSTCORI027" 
    SiteId="1585" SiteType="&lt;= 40 FT. ELECTRIC - PREMIUM" 
    sitesWithAmps="30" sitesWithPetsAllowed="N" sitesWithSewerHookup="N" 
    sitesWithWaterHookup="N" sitesWithWaterfront=""/>
  <result Loop="GROUSE MOUNTAIN" Maxeqplen="28" Maxpeople="6" Site="MUSTGRMN118" 
    SiteId="4098" SiteType="&lt;= 30 FT. ELECTRIC - PREMIUM" 
    sitesWithAmps="30" sitesWithPetsAllowed="N" sitesWithSewerHookup="N" 
    sitesWithWaterHookup="N" sitesWithWaterfront=""/>
  <result Loop="GROUSE MOUNTAIN" Maxeqplen="36" Maxpeople="6" Site="MUSTGRMN132" 
    SiteId="4112" SiteType="&lt;= 40 FT. ELECTRIC - PREMIUM" 
    sitesWithAmps="30" sitesWithPetsAllowed="N" sitesWithSewerHookup="N" 
    sitesWithWaterHookup="N" sitesWithWaterfront=""/>

API Parameters


If unspecified, all site types are returned.

RV Sites 2001
Cabins or Lodgings 10001
Tent 2003
Trailer 2002
Group Site 9002
Day Use 9001
Horse Site 3001
Boat Site 2004

eqplen: Equipment Length

If the camper wants to find campsites at Mueller State Park where his 50 foot RV will fit, issue a query where eqplen=50:

Maxpeople: Number of campers

Looking for campsites that will fit up to 4 people?

hookup: Electric Hookup

15 Amps or More 3002
20 Amps or More 3003
30 Amps or More 3004
50 Amps or More 3005

Here's an example for campsites at Mueller State Park in Colorado with 30 Amp hookups that will fit an RV of 50 feet in length:

water: Water Hookup

Specify &water=3007 to search for campsites with water hookups.

sewer: Sewer Hookup

Specify &sewer=3007 to search for campsites with sewer hookups.

pull: Pull Through Driveway

Specify &pull=3008 to search for campsites with pull through driveways.

pets: Pets Allowed

Specify &pets=3010 to search for campgrounds where pets are allowed.

waterfront: Waterfront Sites

Specify &waterfront=3011 to search for campgrounds with waterfront campsites.

Brand Guidelines

Let's Talk


  1. joe_harris10 years ago

    OK I have created my program to use the API calls. It is working great. I make it easy for my web site visitors to locate the type of Campsite (tent site, for example) that has water hookup and allows pets, in Florida, at the state park they want to visit and it shows available on the dates they want to stay. How do I get the visitor to the ReserveAmerica site to reserve this exact site for these exact dates; so they will not have to re-enter all of the selection criteria again?

  2. Jeremy Hicks10 years ago

    What do the mapx and mapy values indicate? Can they be mapped to an actual latitude and longitude? I'd really like to be able to get the lat/lng of each campsite.

  3. jarredd10 years ago

    Hi Jeremy,

    The ‘mapx’ and ‘mapy’ attributes are a campsite’s position within our campsite map position (for marker overlays on a hand drawn map background). They are not translatable to lat-long (our campsite maps are often not close to being to scale).

    Best regards,


    Technical Account Manager, ACTIVE Network

  4. job.alexander9 years ago

    When I make the following call -, I get a 404 error. I have verified that 70927 is a valid facilityId (North Pines Campground in Yosemite). I am able to access other campgrounds but not the ones in Yosemite. Any help would be much appreciated.

  5. Joseph Quigley8 years ago

    Is there a way I can find the next available date for a campsite at a particular campground? I tried passing in an empty arrDate, and I tried leaving out that param all together, but no luck. Help?

  6. Rex7 years ago

    Apparently, the API doesn't return availabilityStatus anymore. Am I missing something?

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