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For Use By: Third-party developers can use the API to build applications to promote and distribute campgrounds from the database.

The Campground APIs, backed by Reserve America's database, provide access to campground data for 97% of the US and Canada's national and state/provincial parks.  With it, developers can search for campgrounds that meet specified criteria. For example, they can search for campgrounds with horse sites in the state of California, or campgrounds in Maine that allow pets.

This API features two concepts, campground and campsite.  Campgrounds are generally situated inside state or national parks and consist of one or more campsites.

All campsite reservations, however, must be processed online at  The Campground APIs are read-only and provides registration links for campgrounds on

Documentation & API Keys

To access the API documentation and register for a key, check out the specific API documentation pages below:

Request Limits

Campgrounds API Key  APPLY FOR A KEY

  • Active - Upon registration
  • Throttle Rate - 2 calls per second
  • Quota Limit - 5,000 calls per day

Interact with the Active APIs -- discover, test, debug live calls all in one place. Test out I/O Docs here


ReserveAmerica is the largest provider of campsite reservations in North America facilitating millions of transactions every year.

ReserveAmerica is also a leading provider of campground management tools to government and private campground operators offering clients comprehensive reservation systems including: website development, dedicated call-center services, database management tools, local campground management software, and marketing services.


US and Canada's national and state/provincial parks, campgrounds, and campsites:

Federal Parks
State Parks
Private Campgrounds
Other Parks


  1. Fiach Reid9 years ago


    It looks as if your API is down at the moment? can you fix this?



  2. jarredd9 years ago

    Hello Fiach,

    It appears to be working at this time. Please feel free to email if you need immediate assistance with the API.

    Best Regards, Jarred

  3. Paul G8 years ago

    Are there any plans to add search by lat / lng and distance range like Yelp does for example?

  4. Paul G8 years ago

    My bad, just found it: "These two parameters allow for campground searches around a fixed geo-point".

    There is no range parameter though, but it is okay.

  5. ryo8 years ago

    When will the affiliate program be extended to the campground api? I found some details at ReserveAmerica, but it mentioned it was coming out in the summer. Does it mean this summer?

  6. jarredd8 years ago

    Hello Ryo,

    That is an outdated page. I've notified the team to update it. Currently, you can find all details about the affiliate program here:

    Check the forum for updates in the future.

    Best regards,


    Technical Account Manager, ACTIVE Network

  7. captnsparrow7 years ago

    Does the rate limit go by ip address or api key? Thinking of a mobile app.

  8. Kcurtis77 years ago

    Hi captn sparrow,

    Rate limits apply to API keys, not IP address.

  9. Ken6 years ago

    I am creating a new app & website that might exceed the 5000 daily quota. If I find this to be the case, is there a way that I can get the quota increased? Also are the quotas for the search, details and sites separate or since you use the same API key for all they all share the same quota?

  10. campstake6 years ago

    So, is there no way to get this data now?

  11. horuscope5 years ago

    Seems like your campground details is not working with my key, plugged my key into the sample and it did not work

  12. horuscope5 years ago

    Seems like your campground details is not working with my key, plugged my key into the sample and it did not work

  13. astarnes5 years ago

    Hello, Horuscope,

    Can you email with additional information on your issue?

  14. Jonathan4 years ago

    Is there a way to get available dates for a campground?

  15. astarnes4 years ago

    These is not a way to get available dates for campgrounds.

  16. rkwalter1 year ago

    Is this API still active?

  17. Camp California5 months ago

    When searching for parks in California, it appears only PRIVATE parks are showing. The STATE and FEDERAL parks are missing. How can this be fixed?

  18. rkwalter2 weeks ago

    Does anyone monitor this board????

  19. architectshivering4 days ago

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