Campground Details API


Campgrounds:  US and Canada's national and state/provincial parks, campgrounds, and campsites.


Request Limits

Campgrounds API Key  APPLY FOR A KEY

·        Active - Upon registration

·        Throttle Rate - 2 calls per second

·        Quota Limit – 5,000 calls per day


The Campground Details API provides a rich set of metadata about a given campground.  This includes a detailed description, often authored by park rangers, and a comprehensive list of ammenities. 

URL:{queryString params}&api_key={key}
Method: GET

Sample Request - returns details about Mueller State Park in Colorado

Sample Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
  description="The Mueller cabins are only reservable through the call center.       
   Mueller State Park is open year round. With its wealth of aspen trees, each 
   season is a delight for photographers and sightseers visiting the park. Over 
   fifty miles of scenic trails invite you to explore the park&amp;#39;s rare beauty. 
   Hiking, camping, mountain biking, horseback riding, snow shoeing, cross country 
   skiing and nature study are the park&amp;#39;s main attractions.  Mueller&amp;#39;s 5,121 
   acres of aspen and conifer forests are home to an abundance of wildlife including 
   black bear, elk, deer, fox, coyotes, &amp; hawks. 132 campsites in seven loops 
   include 110 electrical sites accommodating motor homes, trailers and tents, and 22 
   walk-in tent only sites. Campsites fees range from $16 - $20. After the middle of October, 
   limited winter campsites are available first come/first serve. For more information, 
   call the park at 719-687-2366." 
  drivingDirection="25 miles west of Colorado Springs on Hwy 24 to Divide. Then 3 1/2 
   miles south on Hwy 67 to the park entrance." 
  facility="MUELLER STATE PARK" 
  importantInformation=" ATTENTION TENT CAMPERS: When checking site information, tent 
   campers must scroll down and read the &quot;IMPORTANT INFORMATION&quot; which will 
   contain tent size information for that site. Some sites will not accommodate tents. 
   ATTENTION ALL CAMPERS: Mueller is Black Bear country. Proper food storage is required 
   per regulations. IMPORTANT RESERVATION INFORMATION: Mueller&amp;#39;s campsites are 
   on reservations approximately the middle of May through the middle of October. Reservations 
   must be made at least three days in advance of your arrival. Aspen Leaf Annual Pass holders 
   can make discounted reservations online. In addition to the camping fee, a parks pass 
   (annual or daily) is required on all vehicles entering the park. Parks passes are not 
  <address city="DIVIDE" country="United States" state="Colorado" 
   streetAddress="P.O. BOX 39" zip="80814"/>
  <photo url="&lt;img width=&quot;180&quot; height=&quot;120&quot; 
  <photo url="&lt;img width=&quot;180&quot; height=&quot;120&quot; 
  <photo url="&lt;img width=&quot;180&quot; height=&quot;120&quot; 
  <photo url="&lt;img width=&quot;180&quot; height=&quot;120&quot; 
  <photo url="&lt;img width=&quot;180&quot; height=&quot;120&quot; 
  <photo url="&lt;img width=&quot;180&quot; height=&quot;120&quot; 
  <informationLink link="" title=""/>
  <contact name="Direct Line" number="7196872366"/>
  <contact name="Ranger Station" number="7196872366"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Biking"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Bird Watching"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Camper Services Bldg"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Comfort Station"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Cross Country Skiing"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Dump Station"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Firewood Available"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Fishing"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Group Campground"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Hiking"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Horseback Riding"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Hunting"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Interpretitive Programs"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Laundry Facilities"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Natural Shade"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Nature Study Exhibits"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Parking"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Photography"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Picnic Tables"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Picnicking"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Playground"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Proximity To Camp Serv."/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Ranger Station"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Showers"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Snow Shoeing"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Snow Sledding"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Visitor Center"/>
  <amenity distance="Within Facility" name="Wildlife Watching Opportunity"/>

Reserving a Campground

The "fullReservationUrl" should be linked to in order to guide the user to,'s campground reservation system, to make the campsite reservation.  As of now, reservations cannot be realized through the API.

API Parameters


"contractCode" is a syonym for contractID, which is what is returned by the Campground Search API.  It specifies the jurisdiction for the campground.  This parameter must be used in conjuction with parkId.

parkId: Facility ID

"parkId" is a synonym for "facilityID", which is returned by the Campground Search API.  It is a unique identifier for the campground.  For example, a Campgrounds Search API request for parks in Colorado might return the Mueller State Park as a matching record:

  facilityName="MUELLER STATE PARK" 

A call to the Campground Details API to get more information about this campground looks like this:

where contractID="CO" is mapped to contractCode=CO, and facilityID="50032" is mapped to parkId=50032.

Brand Guidelines

Let's Talk


  1. smcguinness11 years ago

    Why is contractCode required for results when parkId is provided?

  2. active Admin11 years ago

    facilityIDs are not universally unique. They are only unique within the context of a contractCode.

  3. Ray Watkins11 years ago

    Why do I always get the information below (404 page not found) when I use the link constructed as you show above for the reservation page. Yet when I do a search from the ReserverAmerica site it takes me to the correct page using the same link? Is this a scam to get the user to log in?

    page not found
    404 - Document Not Found
    Don't worry (it's our fault - we've moved it).

    The page you wanted is just a click or two from here:

    •Start at the home page
    •Find a place to camp or stay
    •Search the map
    •Sign-in and check your reservations

  4. Ray Watkins11 years ago

    Figured it out, the reservation url in the documentation is shown as [;parkId=50032] that seems to fail every time. Even if you click on it in this page. However the following does work;
    [] Note that I've replaced campsiteSearch with campgroundDetails and the urlencoded ampersand (&amp;) with just the ampersand (&). Not sure why it works this way. But it does.

  5. active Admin11 years ago

    Cool. Let us know if you run into any more issues.

  6. Sofi Software10 years ago

    The following query:

    Returns a reservation url:


    A url that points to localhost isn't going to succeed...

  7. active Admin10 years ago

    Well, that's just embarrassing. I've got engineering on it. Stay tuned for an update to the API.

  8. melitele9 years ago

    When I use my api_key for Campground API I get a different result then with the example api_key: both fullReservationUrl and reservationUrl point to followed parameters containing my Active affilite ID.

    Both urls get the response "403 - Error AFID not allowed"...

    What api_key should I use to get valid reservation urls?

  9. jarredd9 years ago

    Hi Melitele,

    It looks like your affiliate account was not yet setup to run this Campgrounds API campaign (CID 177360) in the Affiliate Center and this caused the issue. However, I have updated your account status so you should now see this campaign in your affiliate center after logging in and clicking the “My Offers” section.

    If you are still having trouble, please let me know.

    Best regards,


    Technical Account Manager, ACTIVE Network

  10. Natasha Japp7 years ago

    Hi, I have generated my link to a Campground Detail, and have the API link with my key code. How do I place that into my WordPress blog? Now if I place it in Firefox, it is an ugly xml file. And in Safari, it does not even show a content, just a blank page. Ideas?

  11. Keith Davis5 years ago

    This URL gives a site cannot be reached error:

  12. Keith Davis5 years ago

    Problem solved, switched to a different REST client to test the API calls.

  13. Akira2 years ago

    This works (NOT https)

    This fails (the same URL as above but it's https)

    I get this error with https: net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED 200

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