Activity Search API v2 - Kids

Utilizing the Activity Search API v2, the ACTIVE Kids API returns results from events, classes and sports listings. 


Team Sports: Baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, football, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball

Individual Sports: Tennis, running, swimming, ice skating

Youth Camps:  Day camps, overnight camps, youth sports camps, summer camps

Parks & Recreation: City & county parks, recreational activities, YMCAs, JCCs, Boys and Girls Clubs

Cheer and Dance:  Ballet, hip hop, jazz, and tap dancing, cheerleading, gymnastics, tumbling

Martial Arts: Karate, Tae Kwon Do

Music: Piano, guitar

Classes: Arts and crafts, painting, drawing, ceramics, performing arts, photography, theater, cooking, academics

Outdoor Adventure:  Hiking, camping, fishing



·       Active - Upon registration

·       Throttle Rate - 2 calls per second

·       Quota Limit – 500,000 calls per day


The V2 Activity Search API processes simple HTTP GET requests.  The results are returned in JSON.  This API supports keyword search against assets, result restriction to a particular location, result filtering based on asset metadata, and a variety of other parameters.

Interact with the Active APIs -- discover, test, debug live calls all in one place. Test out I/O Docs here

URL:{queryString params}&kids=true&api_key={key}*

*kids=true must be included in parameters to limit results to events.

Method: GET


Return search results for the query on the topic of softball events for kids within 50 miles of San Diego.,CA,US&radius=50&api_key=sqq35zvx6a8rgmxhy9csm8qj*

For additional parameters, check the Activity Search API v2 documentation.

*NOTE - The API key used in the sample API calls on this page is for demo purposes only. Do not use this API key in your application(s).


Sample Response

    "total_results": 8,
    "items_per_page": 25,
    "start_index": 0,
    "facets": [],
    "facet_values": [],
    "suggestions": [],
    "results": [
      "assetTopics": [
          "sequence": "1",
          "topic": {
            "topicId": "75",
            "topicName": "Softball",
            "topicTaxonomy": "Sports/Softball"
      "salesEndDate": "2016-07-19T23:59:00",
      "regReqGenderCd": "F",
      "registrationUrlAdr": "",
      "retryDate": "2016-06-16T19:24:11",
      "evergreenAssets": [
      "assetSeoUrls": [
          "seoSystemName": "as3",
          "statusCode": "true",
          "urlAdr": ""
      "publishDate": null,
      "assetChannels": [
          "sequence": "6",
          "channel": {
            "channelDsc": "Softball",
            "channelName": "Softball",
            "channelId": "1023"
      "sorCreateDtm": "2016-01-05T23:19:00",
      "localeCd": "en_US",
      "activityRecurrences": [
          "frequencyInterval": "0",
          "activityStartDate": "2016-07-20T10:00:00",
          "activityExclusions": [
          "activityEndDate": "2016-07-20T12:00:00",
          "days": "Wednesday",
          "startTime": "10:00:00",
          "endTime": "12:00:00",
          "frequency": {
            "frequencyName": "Weekly"
      "assetLegacyData": {
        "maxTeamNb": "",
        "assetTypeId": "",
        "costAmt": "",
        "typeName": "",
        "uploadSearchUrlAdr": "",
        "avgUserRatingTxt": "",
        "trackbackUrl": "",
        "seoUrl": "",
        "eventCategories": "",
        "estParticipantNb": "",
        "participationCriteriaTxt": "",
        "priceExtensionTxt": "",
        "isSearchable": "false",
        "onlineMembership": "",
        "minGuaranteedGameNb": "",
        "searchWeight": "",
        "userCommentTxt": "",
        "substitutionUrl": "",
        "onlineDonation": "",
        "genderRequirementTxt": "",
        "createdDate": "2016-02-23T21:51:32",
        "onlineMembershipCostAmt": "",
        "authorName": "",
        "onlineRegistration": "true",
        "modifiedDate": "2016-06-16T23:13:46",
        "multipleStartDate": ""
      "activityEndDate": "2016-07-20T12:00:00",
      "assetDeals": [
      "assetServiceHostName": "as-app06",
      "childIndex": "",
      "assetDescriptions": [
      "componentInUrlAdr": {
      "activityStartDate": "2016-07-20T10:00:00",
      "contactName": "",
      "sorCreateUserId": "",
      "localTimeZoneId": "",
      "contactEmailAdr": "",
      "socialMedia": [
      "donationUrlAdr": "",
      "activenetTopGraphic": {
      "assetReferences": [
      "market": {
        "marketName": "camps-any",
        "marketId": "1"
      "assetAttributes": [
          "attribute": {
            "tagId": "58744",
            "attributeValue": "Day",
            "attributeType": "Camp type"
          "attribute": {
            "tagId": "58736",
            "attributeValue": "Female",
            "attributeType": "Gender"
      "timezoneAbb": "",
      "assetMediaTypes": [
      "evergreenAssetFlag": "false",
      "authorName": "",
      "registrantSearchUrlAdr": "",
      "modifiedDate": "2016-06-16T23:13:46",
      "timezoneName": "",
      "showContact": "false",
      "assetParentAsset": {
      "assetStatus": {
        "assetStatusId": "2",
        "assetStatusName": "VISIBLE"
      "regReqMaxAge": 16,
      "currencyCd": "USD",
      "resultsUrlAdr": "",
      "assetImages": [
      "evergreenParentAsset": {
      "sourceSystem": {
        "sourceSystemName": "AW Camps 3.0",
        "legacyGuid": "89208dba-f535-4950-880a-34a6888a184c",
        "affiliate": "false"
      "assetGuid": "2f06a1b3-3684-44b9-9730-3e525c01763e",
      "timezone": "US/Pacific",
      "assetRootAsset": {
      "assetTags": [
          "tag": {
            "tagId": "58736",
            "tagName": "Female",
            "tagDescription": "Gender"
          "tag": {
            "tagId": "58744",
            "tagName": "Day",
            "tagDescription": "Camp type"
          "tag": {
            "tagId": "32308",
            "tagName": "true",
            "tagDescription": "activeadvantage"
      "assetPopularity": {
        "searches": 0,
        "createdAt": 1466297295,
        "clickTypes": {
          "otherActive": 0,
          "registration": 0,
          "nonActive": 0
        "clicks": 0,
        "rank": 6,
        "results": 6,
        "views": 0,
        "A3Rank": 3
      "preferredUrlAdr": "",
      "logoUrlAdr": "",
      "assetPrices": [
          "priceAmt": 100,
          "maxPriceAmt": null,
          "effectiveUntilDate": null,
          "minPriceAmt": null
      "detailPageTemplateId": "",
      "assetComponents": [
          "sequence": "1",
          "activityStartDate": "2016-07-20T10:00:00",
          "assetSeoUrls": [
          "assetGuid": "3d3f0626-1290-4901-b5cb-d8aa5afe5f59",
          "activityEndDate": "2016-07-20T12:00:00",
          "assetName": "Catching Clinic"
      "teamUrlAdr": "",
      "sorId": "",
      "place": {
        "placeDsc": "",
        "placeUrlAdr": "",
        "showPlaceName": "true",
        "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
        "postalCode": "92110",
        "latitude": "32.770591",
        "directionsTxt": "",
        "addressLine2Txt": "",
        "geoPoint": {
          "lon": "-117.190578",
          "lat": "32.770591"
        "addressLine1Txt": "5998 Alcala Park",
        "stateProvinceCode": "CA",
        "localityName": "",
        "cityName": "San Diego",
        "timezoneOffset": -8,
        "timezoneDST": 1,
        "countryCode": "USA",
        "dma": {
          "dmaId": "825",
          "dmaName": "San Diego"
        "countryName": "United States",
        "placeGuid": "9dcbb108-fddb-47f6-8f51-c0bcd76649c3",
        "placeName": "Softball Field",
        "longitude": "-117.190578"
      "overrideSeourlFlag": "false",
      "assetCategories": [
          "sequence": "1",
          "category": {
            "categoryName": "Clinics",
            "categoryId": "14",
            "categoryTaxonomy": "Event/Clinics"
      "urlAdr": "",
      "retryCounter": "2",
      "assetInterests": [
      "assetDsc": "",
      "contactTxt": "",
      "alternateName": "",
      "regReqMinAge": 13,
      "createdDate": "2016-02-23T21:51:32",
      "assetMetaInterests": [
          "sequence": "1",
          "metaInterest": {
            "metaInterestId": "4",
            "metaInterestTaxonomy": "Kids",
            "metaInterestName": "Kids"
      "salesStartDate": "2016-02-03T13:18:00",
      "homePageUrlAdr": "",
      "assetQuantity": {
        "waitlistCnt": "",
        "soldCnt": "7",
        "createdDate": "2016-02-23T21:51:32",
        "availableCnt": "",
        "modifiedDate": "2016-06-16T23:13:46",
        "capacityNb": "50",
        "waitlistCapacityNb": ""
      "organization": {
        "primaryContactName": "",
        "organizationName": "University of San Diego",
        "addressPostalCd": "92110",
        "primaryContactEmailAdr": "",
        "sourceSystemId": "98",
        "imageUrlAdr": "",
        "addressCityName": "San Diego",
        "organizationGuid": "80366862-3bc9-432e-a50b-cb5f03eee70a",
        "addressLine2Txt": "",
        "primaryContactPhone": "619-260-2999",
        "shortDsc": "",
        "addressLine1Txt": "5998 Alcala Park",
        "addressLocalityName": "",
        "organizationDsc": "Join the University of San Diego this summer for one of our many sports camps. Choose from basketball, baseball, softball, swimming, football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, and all-sports. USD boasts outstanding facilities and Division 1 Coaches. All camps emphasize personal attention, skill development and quality instruction. Whether you want to enhance sports performance, make new friends, or experience a week of exceptional fun ... you’re invited to select the best ... the University of San Diego Sports Camps!",
        "organizationUrlAdr": "",
        "hideOrganizationContact": "false",
        "isDeleted": "false",
        "addressStateProvinceCode": "CA",
        "sourceSystemGuid": "89208dba-f535-4950-880a-34a6888a184c",
        "addressCountryCd": "USA",
        "showOrganizationName": "true",
        "fax": ""
      "assetName": "Softball Catching Clinic",
      "contactPhone": "619-260-2999",
      "searchScore": 6.8171134,
      "assetVersion": 39,
      "salesStatus": "registration-open"
  "radius": 50,
  "start_date": "",
  "sort": null


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