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Bug or something I am missing?

    • Rodney Hoinkes
    • Topic created 8 years ago

    When I try an call with my Key, I always get a '403 Forbidden' (or Developer Inactive) message. Searches work fine, but details do not. Is this in some way restricted? (I am using my v2 search key for the details call) I have tried the sample call substituting my key and it also fails (so I know it is not a bad asset id issue).

    Hoping someone can advise on what may be needed or if this is even allowed/possible.

    Cheers, Rodney

    Message edited by Rodney Hoinkes 8 years ago

  1. Kelly Pace8 years ago

    Hi Rodney,

    We have confirmed the endpoint is working. If you want to send your key to we can take a look at it to confirm it is activated.


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