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CouchCachet wins 'best app' using Mashery API network with Active API at Foursquare Hackathon 2013

A couple weeks ago,  on January 5th, developers and designers came togther in NYC to build some amazing hacks using the Foursquare API and other APIs within the Mashery API Network. A team of 3 developers came together to create CouchCachet, which won the title of 'Best App' for using an API from the Mashery API Network. As it turns out, they used the ACTIVE ACtivity Search API. 

We've seen that the ACTIVE APIs can be used within applications to provide events and activities alongside other content to drive engagement with users. If you have an application that is designed to help connect people with things they love, want and need to do, then the ACTIVE APIs would be a great match.


"CouchCachet allows you to pretend you have a life by checking you in around town while you're still at home.  We then send you a follow up email the next day which contains suggestions for real activities you may want to try doing.  We used your ACTIVE API to populate this email.  It was super easy to use (thanks!) and helped us win the NYC Mashery prize... and were featured in PandoDaily"

- Harlie (CouchCachet app developer)

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CouchCachet developer team accepting the award
for 'Best App using APIs from Mashery API Network'