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Coders Gear Up for HACKTIVE, ACTIVE Network 24-Hour Hackathon

HACKTIVE, ACTIVE Network’s first public hackathon, officially opens its doors in less than two weeks. The 24-hour event will take place September 21st, 2013 to September 22nd, 2013 at Co-Merge in San Diego, California. Developers, designers and entrepreneurs will mashup the ACTIVE APIs along with other datasets as they innovate ways of using technology to connect people with activities and ultimately make the world a healthier place.

In addition to being a breeding ground for innovation and inspiration, the hackathon offers attendees the chance to help make a difference, flex their skills, and compete for over $15k in prizes! Here’s just a taste of what participants have in store:

  • Two days of intensive collaboration, creativity and caffeination
  • An abundance of food, drinks, snacks, and caffeine…thanks to our awesome sponsors
  • Feedback from industry experts in both the local and national tech community
  • Inspiring keynote along with exciting live demos
  • On-site mentoring from passionate hackathon coaches
  • HACKTIVE t-shirt to score some street cred
  • Opportunity to network with accomplished developers as well as up-and-coming tech talents
  • In-person tech support to help troubleshoot
  • Fun and energizing interludes plus some sweet swag giveaways

After the submission phase is complete, teams will have three minutes to present their app. Winning hacks will be determined based on four equally-weighted criteria including design, effective use of the ACTIVE Network platform, utility, and originality of concept.  Demos take place in two rounds, where the top teams will advance and battle it out before a panel of industry experts. Here’s a glimpse at the lineup:


Erik Suhonen - Head of Yahoo! Developer Network, Yahoo! Erik is responsible for managing a vibrant, global ecosystem of 600,000+ technology companies who engage with Yahoo!'s 30+ platforms.
Neil Mansilla - Director of Developer Platform & Partnerships, Mashery Neil is a passionate software engineer and responsible for helping developers discover, learn and utilize the APIs on the Mashery API network.
Jesse Givens – Head of Product for CarePass, Aetna With CarePass, Aetna offers all consumers a solution to achieve their unique wellness goals by connecting to top mobile apps.

It’s not too late to sign up, so make arrangements to meet us there!  Register Now:

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