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  • Active.com Search API v2
  • Campground API

This API supports keyword search against Active.com assets, result restriction to a particular location, and result filtering based on asset metadata. For additional query attributes, check out: http://developer.active.com/docs/v2_activity_api_search.

Third-party developers can use the API to build applications to promote and distribute campgrounds from the ReserveAmerica.com database. The Campground APIs, backed by Reserve America's database, provide access to campground data for 97% of the US and Canada's national and state/provincial parks. With it, developers can search for campgrounds that meet specified criteria. For example, they can search for campgrounds with horse sites in the state of California, or campgrounds in Maine that allow pets. This API features two concepts, campground and campsite. Campgrounds are generally situated inside state or national parks and consist of one or more campsites. All campsite reservations, however, must be processed online at ReserveAmerica.com. The Campground APIs are read-only and provides registration links for campgrounds on ReserveAmerica.com.

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