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Help with developer inactive

    • Frank Hansen
    • Topic created 11 years ago

    I signed up for an active account...I can see my keys in the my account profile but when I try and use the search api or the asset api I get 403 Developer Inactive. Why is my account showing up inactive when in my profile it shows active?


    Message edited by Frank Hansen 1 week ago

  1. active Admin11 years ago

    Hey Frank,

    I've enabled your keys. Sorry about the wait!

  2. wahmobx11 years ago

    I'm getting the same error code, please help :)

  3. active Admin11 years ago

    I enabled your Sportspower API key. Is that the API you were having issues with?

  4. rtspringsteen8 years ago

    I am trying to request the XML and am getting Error 403 - Developer Innactive,FL,US&radius=50&api_key=h2vynsc9ry7z87y4rcj5szz3

    When I look under My Account it tells me that all of my keys are active. What's going on?

  5. VDS Dev3 years ago

    I am getting a 403 Developer Inactive when using my API Key. Can you activate it, please?

  6. tjune11 months ago

    Not sure if this forum is maintained, but I'm getting the same error. Help, please?

  7. Jay2 weeks ago

    I'm trying to use web api and i get the 403 forbidden "Developer Inactive" how do i enable my account'

  8. Rubywilson1 week ago

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