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AssetId and eventID for repeating events

    • ExposedAthlete
    • Topic created 11 years ago

    Does AssetId or eventID stay the same if an event repeats? Would the Boston Marathon have the same ID this year as it would next year? Would there be anything different from year to year other than eventDate?

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  1. active Admin11 years ago

    Unfortunately the Boston Marathon gets a new assetId and eventId each year. We're working on technology behind the scenes that will merge instances of an event into a single event record so that the assetId persists year over year. But we're a few quarters away from releasing that technology.

  2. ExposedAthlete11 years ago

    Good to know. Since events are typically yearly, I think I can make do for a while.

  3. RunnersWithWheels10 years ago

    It's been a year now, what's the status on the merging of recurring events? I'm very interested in such a feature. I noticed that the example asset in the asset details documentation has a collection of "metaEvents" which appear to be previous instances of the event. Does this mean that the parent assetId persists across all instances now?

  4. active Admin10 years ago

    Yes, it has been a year :) We have an engineering team working on solving this problem right now. It's called clustering, and it creates one uber-record for all event occurrences. Clustering won't be made available until Q2 2012 unfortunately.

    The meta-events you noticed are related to an earlier attempt at clustering (using human-beings mechanical turk-style) and have since been abandoned.

  5. RunnersWithWheels10 years ago

    Understood. Could you suggest any ways to simulate clustering of repeat running events through the API? For instance, removing the date from the event's url and using that as the key for a repeating event? I realize such a hack probably won't work for all running events, but there must be a way of normalizing one more fields from the API that would work for the majority. Thoughts?

  6. Looptivity7 years ago

    In your API documentation (for both searching v2 and details) - the data format for recurring events are not defined. Can anyone please help us out in this?

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