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Developer Inactive error

    • myerscod
    • Topic created 4 years ago

    Currently, I am having an issue with both the example and using my own key to pull a JSON file from the activity API.

    Message edited by myerscod 4 months ago

  1. myerscod4 years ago

    Can someone help out with why this is happening

  2. Carla Thompson4 years ago

    Also having Developer Inactive/ 403 Forbidden Error:

  3. llu4 years ago

    The developer of ACTIVE has double confirmed your API keys, and they are working. Can you please try again and make sure you use the correct keys, and let us know if you still have problems?

  4. ahotu1 year ago

    Hi, I have an active key for our account, but every requests return a Developper inactive message. I haven't used the API for a while, could you reactive the the api key for us? Thanks

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