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Print Text 180 Deg In Print Preview Page

    • Grailly
    • Topic created 1 year ago

    Hi , All

    In Access2016 On Detail Section And Its Event : Print Can Write Me.Currentx=800 Me.Currenty=800 Me.Print "Hello World"

    I Want To Know How It Build Can Just See Only In Print Preview Page ... Maybe Help Me Rotate Text In Its Page

    Use CreatDc,StartDoc,StartPage... Is Right Way Or This Only Show And Delete After Create ....

    I Used A Sample GetDc CreateFontA : Escapement ( 1800 ) SelectObject TextOutA DeleteObject DeleteDc But If Use Sleep ( Kernel32) I Can See What Drawn ... So My Way Is Wrong In This Method ... What About CreateDc ... Printer And StartDoc & StartPage ?!!!

    Thanks A Lot

    Message edited by Grailly 1 year ago

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