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    • KateSky
    • Topic created 3 years ago

    I have this url: ",-88.04118969999999&radius=50&start_date=2018-01-10..2018-02-08"

    clearly asking for tennis events: this on event has multiple assetTopics, which is incorrect: Please advise. "assetGuid": "622da0fc-cd19-413b-ab34-d5ad42906c44", "assetTopics": [{ "sequence": 1, "topic": { "topicId": 429, "topicName": "Tennis", "topicTaxonomy": "Sports/Racquet sports/Tennis" } }, { "sequence": 2, "topic": { "topicId": 74, "topicName": "Soccer", "topicTaxonomy": "Sports/Soccer" } } ],

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  1. HarryMaguire2 months ago

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