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JsonP Error

    • Florian
    • Topic created 7 years ago

    I am trying to get data from the API using the JSONP method.

    My test query URL works fine and I get the result I expect with a simple http request. When I use JsonP (with the cb param) the http response is 200-OK but the content is an error 404.

    Here is my Javascript code: https://github.com/florian-denizot/activenet-upcoming-courses-for-teachers/blob/master/public_html/js/app.js

    And the call generated: http://api.amp.active.com/v2/search?api_key=xshzx6dy2mgrghnruj46t9fz&city=Toronto&org_id=6b1423e1-84b8-4d92-8857-65860e5ace46&query=A1.1&start_date=2017-01-26..2017-03-30&cb=angular.callbacks._0

    I am using AngularJS and I tested my code with a different API with success.

    Message edited by Florian 1 year ago

  1. andrescruz7 years ago

    Were you ever able to get a solution for this? I'm encountering the same issue.

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