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Export to CSV

    • myblacktoenail
    • Topic created 8 years ago

    Hi Please bare with me as i'm new to all this. I have created a tool to extract into csv the events and i'm having issues with the formatting of the csv file as some events seem to have missing info and the columns get all messed up when this happens. The steps i'm following are ;

    1) i go to http://developer.active.com/io-docs 2) insert key 3) filter 4) copy results in 'Response Body' window 5) create a json file 6) use tool to export details in json file into csv

    Is this the right way to use the api?

    Many thanks

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  1. Coldfuzionlabs7 years ago

    No, that is not the right way to use the API.

    You need to write a script in a programming langauge that would perform the lookup via the API (Using CURL - or something similar ) you could perform that action. But you would need to know some programming basics.

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