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Accurate Register Now in API results

    • MaryF
    • Topic created 8 years ago

    There is a field in the API results for "onlineRegistration" which can be True or False. This IS NOT the same as whether or not Registration is currently available through Active. In other words - if you go to the listing page, and the Register Now button is visible and enabled, and people can register.

    I need to know, through the API whether or not registration is currently available from Active. Is there a way this can be added? This is frustrating. We are finding so many listings that we are not showing, because we thought registration was not available when it actually was. The reverse happens a lot too... where the onlineRegistration fields says True, but the Register Now button is not enable.

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  1. MaryF8 years ago

    I apologize. I misreported a bit. The field I am using is 'salesStatus', not 'onlineRegistration'. The inaccuracy is with the 'salesStatus' field.

  2. MaryF8 years ago

    Here are 6 examples that were found 2 days ago. It is possible they have changed since I noted them. Out of 20 that I looked at, 6 were incorrect.

    Asset ID 15410f00-6a55-45d8-95e8-741a644bc3c0


    Asset ID 1ff58093-c8d7-49c8-92e7-bf7448e045c7


    Asset ID eb8cef9b-3cc7-4929-b601-67b117b390d1


    Asset ID 2f8c1bf0-c729-448f-ab70-4285acfa6601 http://www.active.com/atlanta-ga/running/distance-running-races/atlanta-beltline-westside-5k-2016?cmp=39-34-156210&ltcmp=254301&ltclickid=03_14795251_f555a8cd-8773-4b36-82f2-5fa469a066e0&cmp=39-34

    Asset ID 69e6c3f3-fca0-4143-8f7e-13ce3348d37d


    Asset ID 2e78bcfe-0a79-40b9-8605-55f9ad5339c4


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