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How can i get access to CAMPGROUND API

    • Volodymyr Bondarenko
    • Topic created 9 years ago

    Hello, After registration process i can get access to: ACTIVITY REVIEWS API, ACTIVITY SEARCH API V2, GOLF TEE TIME API, PLANCAST API

    How can i get access to CAMPGROUND API?

    Message edited by Volodymyr Bondarenko 7 years ago

  1. jdemery9 years ago

    In an effort to streamline our services, ACTIVE Network is no longer supporting and maintaining its API in connection to the Reserve America Property. All current, former and other interested parties are encouraged to apply for our affiliate program where you can earn revenue through a partnership with Reserve America. http://developer.active.com/affiliates.

  2. hankmardukas9 years ago

    So is there any other way to submit API calls for campsite availability data? Or is that now no longer offered?

  3. jhkings7 years ago

    I have the data for the camp sites availability. Would you be interested in a subscription?

  4. astarnes7 years ago

    jhkings, where are you getting the information?

  5. jhkings7 years ago


  6. astarnes7 years ago

    How is the information being collected, though?

  7. jhkings7 years ago

    Through these API I guess. I paid people to write me a program that gets the data for me. They said they could get the available data, but it turned out to be the availability field mentioned above.

  8. astarnes7 years ago

    I asked because the availability data for specific dates is actually not available in the API, so the only other method that could be used to gather that would be to scrape the site, which violates the Terms of Use, which can be viewed here. http://www.activenetwork.com/information/terms-of-use Can you verify with whoever wrote your program specifically how they are gathering that data? Thank you!

  9. jhkings7 years ago

    I asked them and now they said they couldn't do it. So I'm terminating my contract with them. I noticed in the term of use there's a possibility to get the data with written consent from Active.com. How do I go about doing that? And is there any cost?

  10. astarnes7 years ago

    Thank you for the update. There aren't currently any plans to allow scraping of the site so there isn't a process for applying to do so.

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