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I/O Docs - Test the API

    • jarredd
    • Topic created 9 years ago

    Hello developers,

    You can now interact with the Active APIs -- discover, test, debug live calls all in one place. Test out I/O Docs here:

    Currently, you can test the Search, Asset Details, and Asset Reviews APIs. Please leave a comment if you like the I/O Docs, or if you have any questions or issues using it to test the API. We look forward to your feedback.

    Best regards,


    Technical Account Manager, Active Network

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  1. Kunal8 years ago


    Could you help me to apply AND-OR in the url (if possible).

    In this url , I have used multiple AND-OR like "a AND b AND c OR d". But I want to use it like "a AND b AND (c OR d)". Is there any way? Thanx in advance.

  2. Stupidscript7 years ago

    I/O Docs testing is not turning up any results:

    [resultset count="0" lengthOfStay="4" pstate="ca" resultType="campgrounds" siteType="10001"/]

    The same search parameters on ReserveAmerica turn up 60 campgrounds. I know the two sites are different, but doesn't Active use ReserveAmerica's database for campground searches? If so, why no results from the I/O test? Thanks.

  3. Stupidscript7 years ago

    Here's the query, minus domain, resource and api key: ?pstate=ca&arvdate=12%2F16%2F2013&lengthOfStay=4&siteType=10001&api_key=

  4. alexaadams4553 months ago

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