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New Related APIs

ProgrammableWeb continually adds new APIs to their directoryeveryday. We have 3 new APIs that we want to share with you that were recently added. Think of interesting ways you can use these APIs along with ACTIVE APIs to create a unique application that will attract users or enhance an existing funciton.

Embarke API: Embarke provides developer tools for social communications, delivering a back-end conversation platform capable of powering multiple communication platforms, allowing companies to focus on their products. The Embarke REST API exposes six resources: users, networks, accounts, conversations, messages, and contacts.

Neighborland API: Neighborland provides neighborhood organizations, economic development groups, municipalities, and residents with a platform to connect, share and gather support for ideas, identify neighborhood goals, and turn ideas into action.
Neighborland invites developers to build apps using their RESTful API. Responses are JSON formatted

TrainingPeaks API: TrainingPeaks provides training and nutrition software for athletes and coaches, including web-based products. The TrainingPeaks SOAP API allows developers to automate a number of functions, including managing users and user workouts, uploading athlete data, and data retrieval.


Check out the ProgrammableWeb API Directory to find other APIs that might make for an interesting API mashup: