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Mashery provides Mobile App Sample Code for iOS using ACTIVE API

This native iOS demo application was built to demonstrate how to integrate the Search API (to find activites by location) and StackMob (to persist activity search result data in the cloud).

This is a simple single page app that utilizes several native frameworks, a couple of external libraries, and a single Storyboard view controller scene.

The interface contains a UISearchBar and Map View. During runtime, the end-user supplies either a postal code (e.g. 94103) or a city, state and country (e.g. Oakland, CA, US) and clicks Search. An API call is made to, searching for activities within a radius of the supplied location. The JSON results are parsed, with each activity pinned to the map view. Additionally, the activity data is persisted in the cloud using StackMob.

More details after the jump... [read more & get the code on GitHub]