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Search Just Trail Races

    • Zach
    • Topic created 4 years ago

    Im having trouble pulling just trail races with the activity search API v2. How do I pull trail races only like on this page: Ive tried topic Trail Races but it also pulls up road races.

    Message edited by Zach 4 years ago

  1. mark.wang24 years ago

    Hi Zach, You should use the /v2/search.json?sort=ranking_desc&radius&current_page=1&per_page=10&exclude_children=true&topicName=Trail+running&start_date=2014-10-10..&client_id=A3_user_search&client_session_id=1305a25b3e7274b9906ca1fbaa47f7e5&query ,than you will get the same result with

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