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On the Suspension of New Applications

    • marissa
    • Topic created 2 years ago

    I was so excited to find this API, and then equally bummed that you're unable to support new applications (I understand, though). Any idea how long the suspension for applications consuming the campsite api will last?

    Message edited by marissa 1 month ago

  1. astarnes2 years ago

    Glad to hear about your excitement around the API. Due to issues we have had in the past, we are having to manually approve keys for the Campground API. If you can email with information about how you plan to use the API in detail and verify that you have read and agree to our branding guidelines, we may be able to help get you started. I look forward to hearing more detail soon!

  2. jwill2121 year ago

    I received my confirmation email & a developer api code, but all my tests return a " 403 Forbidden - Developer Inactive" error. Is this why?

  3. Deepak Paul1 year ago

    Any idea when the campground API will be open again ? thanks

  4. Johann FROT1 year ago


    I discovered your API and setup an application today.

    However, the only API available seems to be the Activity API.

    I am interested in Campsite/Campground API. Any chance I can use it ?

    Thanks for your help. Johann Frot

  5. OCRMania1 year ago

    How many time to take to active API

  6. totalescape1 year ago

    Well I've been waiting years, literally. I would have hoped this new platform would all be ready to use by now. I have been waiting many years for this Campground API - since before Active bought out ReserveAmerica. When do you expect this new system to be workable?

  7. totalescape9 months ago

    Is this forum the only support? I'm baffled by this whole 20 year long experience w/ campground reservations. My invitation email is giving me a link which reads "Confirmation code not valid." Now what?

  8. Kavleen3 months ago

    Hi, I'm getting access to only Campground API. But I wanted to use the Activity API. Is that possible?

  9. astarnes3 months ago

    Kavleen, if you need access to the Activity Search v2 API, please email for support.

  10. UnbelieverJude1 month ago

    Agreed with some other comments -- This is a really ideal API for my project, was super excited to use it, am pretty bummed that applications are suspended, but completely understand. Thanks and I'm looking forward to a time when all the APIs are up and running again -- I wanted to use Activity, Campground, and Campsite :)

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