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Mashup Idea using Fleetly API

Fleetly recently announced the release of their Fleetly API to allow access to a rich range fitness content and information, including exercises, workouts, images and videos. It uses an OAuth 2.0 login interface and access to the API is via calls to

This API might be used in conjuction with the ACTIVE APIs to create a unique mashup application that combines workouts and real events available for registration.

Have you come across any interesting APIs that might make for a cool, new mashup? Let us know in the comments below.

About Fleetly:
Fleetly is a fitness website that hopes to to increase user participation and achievement by making the activities social and competitive. The service includes a list of workouts and a list of challenges that the user attempts to accomplish. The API is available free of charge and gives the user access to the Fleetly workout data. An account is required to access the service.